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Build Relationships and Membership

Design, expand, and optimize clubs with our Club Management program. Whether you are just starting out with a club or have one already developed, our application allows full control to nurture club members and grow, creating repeat sales and lasting relationships.


Club Management

Our club management tools allow for the flexibility of an unlimited number of clubs, different club types, member selection options, and more; all managed in one easy to access platform. Club management includes compliance, online member registration, and email communications and can be added to most websites in a few minutes.

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Club Management features

  • There is no limit to the number of clubs or club members.
  • All cards are monitored and updated with the latest expiration dates, at no additional cost. Automation manages failed payments as members are automatically emailed a personalized request to update their information.
  • Give members the option to customize their club releases every release, once a year, or never.
  • Club releases can be created and managed within minutes: creating the release, calculating taxes, shipping, pickup orders, and compliance.
  • Manage communication with club members within the application or take advantage of the integration with MailChimp.
  • Members are recognized across the platform by their email address and all benefits are automatically applied to each order.
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Easy Work Flow

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