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In keeping with our mantra of keeping it simple, our fees are simple too.

There are no registration, monthly, or hidden fees. You only pay when sales are made.


Application fees


  • 1.85% of product selling price
  • Shipped items: $0.75 per item
  • Pick up items: $0.15 per item

Credit Card Processing

  • 2.9% of full order value
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Production Agreement

This will expand the sale of the brand across the country to all available states.

If you enter into a wine production agreement with us, we will pay you a production fee of 90.25% of the product selling price less an administration fee of $0.75 per item.

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Software fees include everything. Here is a short list.

  1. Customer service seven days a week, to you and your customers
  2. Fully compliant shopping cart(s) for regulations, ADA & PCI compliance
  3. Full replacement of in transit damages
  4. A complete club management system, with member personalized selections
  5. Discounted and real-time shipping rates
  6. Year-round classes covering a variety of topics to help your business thrive
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Daily settlements

Payments are transferred to your account within three business days of the order date.